Welcome to Crestfire Studios!

Crestfire Studios is the culmination of decades of science fiction, fantasy, and horror being absorbed by sponge-like brains. The end result is the eruption of this new-born studio, hell bent on crafting the next generation of legendary stories and characters to share with the public, while maintaining full artistic control and responsibility for our creations.

Frankenstein, eat your heart out!

With the inception of this blog, the results of our combined talents and efforts will be presented as a portfolio, showcasing the evolution of our skills in the areas of prop making, CGI and visual effects, acting, story writing, character creation and all other aspects necessary in bringing our science fiction and fantasy concepts to the screen!

Check out the pages presenting the Star Wars fan film project, the 36 inch wooden model of the Starship Enterprise, and the vacuum forming table. Below is the Star Wars fan film "The Derriphan Key."